INSIDE: How to make cute and easy kids DIY bunny ears from pink, white pipe cleaners and a headband. Quick Easter Bunny craft for kids.

DIY cute pipe cleaner Easter bunny for spring crafts for kids

While my kiddos are kinda, sorta willing to appease their crafty mom, I also know I have a short window on getting them to go along with my ideas! So during this period of agreeableness, I have them sporting bunny ear headbands. Because every young kid – and their mom – needs an Easter photo with children wearing super cute bunny ears, right?!

In exchange for a few minutes of time, and maybe some chocolate covered coins, I had my willing participant sporting pipe cleaner bunny ears while she hunted for eggs down Peter Cottontail’s bunny trail!

Here’s how to craft some hippity hoppity Easter bunny ears from pipe cleaners and a headband…

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How to Make Kids Cute Bunny Ears from Pipe Cleaners

This is a quick 5-minute Easter craft! Great project for older kiddos to make themselves.

Pipe cleaners (I used two pink, two white)
Optional: Willing participant!

Use dollar store pipe cleaners and headband for DIY 5-minute Easter bunny ears

How to Use Pipe Cleaners for Cute Kids Bunny Ears

Take a white pipe cleaner and bend in half.

Wrap the ends around the headband. If desired, bend the pipe cleaner into the bunny ear shape you want.

Repeat with the pink pipe cleaner, either on the inside or outside of the white pipe cleaner.

Bend and fold pipe cleaners around headband to make DIY Easter bunny ears

Five minutes later, you have some super easy, super cute bunny ears when going hippity hoppity down the Bunny Trail.

DIY 5-minute pipe cleaner Easter bunny ears from dollar store supplies

easy, cute DIY easter bunny crafts for kids

How cute are these bunny ears?

DIY cute pipe cleaner Easter bunny for spring crafts for kids

What crafty item have you made for your kids to wear? Let me know in the comments.

DIY cute pipe cleaner Easter bunny ears for kids to wear on Easter egg hunt

Get the socks to go with the ears!

Sew cute DIY kids spring Easter bunny knee high socks. Perfect for school Crazy Sock Day.
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