INSIDE: How to make an easy rustic farmhouse autumn or Halloween garland using real pinecones, craft acrylic paints and ribbon.

Use pinecones to make an easy, rustic Halloween garland |

I was surprised one morning to find pinecones on a neighbor’s yard…in the middle of the Arizona desert. We have lizards, cacti and dust. Not too many pinecones. Needless to say, I scooped a bunch of them up and ran home.

After they were cleaned and any buggy critters ousted, I pulled out my craft acrylic paints and set to work making an easy, rustic Halloween garland.

So grab the kids or Fido and scour your neighborhood for your main crafting supply – pinecones.

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How to Make Rustic Pinecone Halloween Garland

If you pinecone-picked out in the great outdoors, then Step One is to clean these guy. Once critter-free, grab your craft brush and acrylic paints to create an easy, rustic hand-painted touch of Halloween.

How to clean pinecones at home
Soak the pinecones in a water-vinegar bath for 30 minutes. Bake at 200° for 30 minutes.

– Craft paints: orange, yellow, white, black
Craft clear glitter paint
– Paint brush
Ribbon or jute twine

DIY Farmhouse Autumn Garland with Real Pinecones

I created a variety of Halloween-themed pinecones, including the iconic Halloween candy corn as well as traditional Halloween colors of orange and black.

Halloween painted pinecones for a rustic autumn garland |

Add some clear glitter paint over the dry pinecones for a touch of Halloween sparkle.

Cut a long piece of ribbon or string. Wrap the ribbon around the bottom (aka: the fat part) of the pinecone, knotting at the back.

Continue in this manner, spacing out the pinecones, until you reach the desired length.

Add a few ribbon ties in between every couple of pinecones for added interest.

Simple Pinecone Craft for Autumn or Halloween

Secure to your mantel or around your door, adding some ribbon bows.

Use pinecones to make an easy, rustic Halloween garland |

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